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Our happy Partners

Sunil and Manjunath, Fleet co-owners

“We have been in the FMCG distribution business for 20 years now, and although these sub-one-tonne trucks make sense to serve the city, you cannot keep them idle because these have been purchased on loans. SmartShift has helped us get 10 trips per vehicle and make around Rs.150000 per month with Rs.45000 going straight into our savings.”

Ghanshyam Yadav, Truck Owner

“I used to sit idle waiting for bookings as transport bookings were unpredictable. I have been using the SmartShift App for the last 1.5 years and thanks to them have not only increased the bookings I take in a day but make a fleet of vehicles.”

Mata Prasad, Truck Owner

“I really enjoy working on SmartShift because it gives me the freedom to choose my jobs and the rate I earn on each job. I can bid on my own depending on the job run. I accept the job if it suits me, if not I can bid for new bookings. SmartShift also helps me get jobs from areas where I do not usually work. SmartShift has customers all over the city, I only need to log into my App to start receiving jobs.”

Hemali Pathak, Fleet Owner

“SmartShift has enabled me to build a business in an industry where it’s impossible for women to enter. They have supported me by giving me a steady business and helped me earn minimum of Rs.1800-2000 on a daily basis. Working with SmartShift, I have bought more vehicles and now regularly employ drivers to work with SmartShift.”

Babajan, Mini-truck owner

“I used to earn Rs.1000 everyday, after EMI and maintenance cost, my savings would only be Rs.300. With SmartShift, I can plan my trips based on my region and take return trips from other places as well. The additional trips help me earn an additional Rs 500 a day thanks to SmartShift, which goes directly towards my household expenses,”